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This training is in hindi/urdu and will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to get started with Facebook ads. Most people have no idea how to get started thus they fail and they give up. BUT let me tell you that this training covers every single basic but important thing you need to know to create your perfect Facebook ad without a problem. 1. The easiest way to make your first ad account. 2. Selecting the right currency & timezone. 3. Creating your first Ad perfectly. 4. Accessing Ads manager. 5. Difference between Prepaid & postpaid Ad account. 6. Bank Account For Running Ads In Pakistan. 7. Giving access to your ads manager. This will cover all the basics that will help you get started so incase you are a person who would like to learn this skill then feel free to become a student. Jazakallah!

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Setup your facebook ad account correctly!

  • Facebook Ads Marketing in 2021 13min 24sec

Facebook Ads interface 2020

  • Old Interface 8min 37sec
  • Creating Your Ad account 10min 14sec
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Yasir Ahmed, MBA

Founder, Yasir Ahmed MBA

Teaching Strategies To Make Millions Using Facebook Ads.


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  • Create your first Ad Account Correctly
  • Facebook Ad Account
  • Fix Most Basic Issue Of Fb Ads In 2021
  • Accessing Ads Manager

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15+ enrolled on this course